A Borrowed Ladder

I’m currently sitting in a park writing on my nook color, running CM10. CM10 is an operating system that doesn’t come with the nook. But it enabled the Bluetooth B&N didn’t want its users to be able to run, and gives access to the Google play store and am consequently typing in wordpress on a roll-up, waterproof Bluetooth keyboard.
My town has these art installations all over  they get swapped out once a year and people get to vote on the one they like best. This year one of the sculptures is called leveling up. Leveling Up is person standing in-front of a ladder, with an artist statement “when facing adversity a person can either rise above it or die.” I don’t think that is word for word but the meaning is there. Which is made more significant when I tell you the person in front of the ladder has no arms.
There was a roommate and coworker when stationed in California, we never really got along but he showed me this movie called ‘Gattica’.  ‘Gattica’ is a SciFi about discrimination created in society based on genetic profiling. See in this future everybody is genetically ‘enhanced’ diseases, depression and genetic deformities are a thing of the past.  For most. The main character is a guy who was conceived naturally and had a heart abnormality. But he dreamed of being an astronaut. However it didn’t matter how good of shape he was in, how well studied he was, he was genetically inferior and therefore not even a candidate. He found a broker, a person who finds people who have the genetic profile to do great things but have no desire or capacity to be the person they were supposed to be. He found someone with a broken back, one that was not on record. He became an astronaut, one that got the girl, the career and the ability to go to titan, the moon of Jupiter. Points of the movie are a bit cliche but in all it is pretty awesome.
This all relates because I’m dealing with the worst roommate I’ve ever had, people like the character in the movie were called borrowed ledders, people who rise above their capacity, my nook was never supposed have working Bluetooth and I feel insignificant as a writer. There are four more more meanings but i think you get the point and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. I’ve been working on another big post currently scheduled to post automatically on Sunday, but its missing something and i currently don’t no how to add it.