Daily Prompt: Why can’t we be friends?

I used to try to be friends with everybody. If you were nice to me, I considered you a friend. I had a lot of them. Until I realized the hard way none were. I had low self confidence and felt I didn’t have a right to be picky. However as I’ve gained confidence I learned to be selective. I’m nice to nearly all people and will talk if I see even people I don’t like on the street, but that doesn’t mean we’re friends. The first few times I felt I had to not be friends with someone who wanted to be friends with me was hard. I think I cried about it. But they were not good for me. And it has gotten easier for two reasons I realize that is what everybody does and it’s your feelings not theirs that you need to worry about. I’ve also had people choose to not be my friend since I’ve been being selective and after giving up on a friend I now know why people do it. It’s not my fault, it’s theirs. Like wise when I realize I need to choose to not be close to someone it is because of me not them. This selection has won me real friends, a sense of belonging and an even higher self esteem.


Choose your friends, if you let them choose you, you don’t know what you’ll get.



I’m working on a schedule for my blog, I’m a little more concerned about the bikeurope because this one appears to be taking on more of a journal shape and I don’t have a specific goal for this one. My posts here have been more frequent of late. But they are more impulsive, something bothering me, so I write about it.

I got the idea of making a schedule from The Daily Post, the other day. Hopefully the schedule gets me on track and blogging consistently on Bikeurope.com. I have a lot of things coming up, in my life that is relevant to the blog and I should have a lot to talk about. I’m so worried though that I’m going to quit writing again when I get a job as I have done so many times in the past.

I’ve tried many things to keep my motivation, telling myself I get to do something special or that I can’t do something I typically do but that usually ends up being a disaster for me. So I need diligence to keep it up. stay strong and when life gets hard. Push through.


Today I have two Kahlil Gibran quotes:

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

Gun control (daily post Headline)

I just finished an episode of The Colbert Report. There was a lot of discussion on gun control. There has been, since December. Why? There were two mass shootings and the James Holmes’s trial began (suspect from the movie theater shooting). Colbert’s interview was with Piers Morgan who is a CNN news for getting rid of all the guns in the US. During the interview he said that there were less than 35 gun deaths in England every year and 13,000 in the US. The united states has 6 times the population which means that if the percentage of gun deaths were the same there would be either 1,500 in England or if we had the same percentage in the US as England has there would be 210 in the US. Those are big differences. Decreased from 13,000 to 210 gun deaths in the US every year that is less than 2.5 percent of what we have today. Initially the number might go up, and it will take time, say 15 years before the number bottoms out but even if it takes 20 years and there are still 1,000 every year even being someone who used to hunt and still owns four guns come take’m. Please, just give me a few dollars for them when I turn them in.