Self confidence and what’s reality happening.

Last night I got drunk with friends. This morning I woke up thinking about that dance show case two weeks ago. There was a couple of line changes and one point that I was leading my formation (ATS is the improvisational style we practiced routines for.) There was a point where my routine was only slightly different than others. Some people have noticed the differences and I still can’t snake the feeling our instructor did it on purpose to make fun of me. Like she wanted to embarrass me in front of 240 people. And her crying after the dance was a cover up of laughing.
There are several ways to continue thinking about that. One I can choose to Ignore the feeling all together. Two give in to the thoughts let them consume me, quit dancing, move to a place I never have to see people from the audience again and never put myself  out there again. Three acknowledge the possibility understand there is nothing I can do because it’s now in my past and carry on like nothing was wrong. There are others but I think these three are the basic. The middle one is the result of low confidence and has non gained.
Is what it comes down to is having the self confidence to realize if they are making fun of me,its because they like me. If its because the don’t like me it’s not my problem there are people who love me. But it’s the self confidence of knowing these people are my friends and they’re most likely not making fun of me which is possibly the hardest to except.


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