To Err is Genius!

I just logged in to my computer to check my email, and stumbled on to a blogger I’ve not read before. U Be Cute wrote a wonderful piece on making mistakes. It is not something to be ashamed of. It is not something to be avoided and how in fact it should be sought after. She mentioned how some of the people who have failed the most are considered to be extremely successful. She didn’t use the example of Disney or Warren Buffets famous story, but Walt went bankrupt multiple times trying to build a theme park and Warren Buffet wouldn’t let an employee who had lost millions of dollars quit.

I’ve been taking a dance class. Belly dancing and we’ve learned dances for a performance in two weeks. I am not a person who likes to make mistakes and it is hard because I know the dances but I’m always stepping with the wrong foot or crossing the wrong arm or one of a million other mistakes I’ve made in my year and a half of dancing. We are told to just go with the mistakes, the audience probably won’t even know you made it unless you draw attention to it. If you wince or change what move you are doing in the middle of it everybody will know. I always wince, close my eyes or almost trip trying to fix my feet.

U Be Cute said:

taking risks does not necessarily mean going bungee jumping or jumping into a pool of water snakes. It simply means stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and devising new ways of doing things rather than the “tried and tested” tasks, it involves making educated decisions with the awareness that all your efforts could come to naught.

And that statement rings so much with me because I resist change… I’ve went through several large transitions in my life; loosing my family, enlisting in the military, engineering school, English creative writing school, working as a nursing assistant for two years. I resist change to the point of holding on way too long, I should have stopped engineering sooner I would have been able to finish my degree without running out of financial aid. I can’t find a job, again. I’ve been unemployed for so long looking for the same kind of work and I’ve thought for months exactly what she wrote. What have I tried? What have the results been? How can I change what I’m trying, to get a different output? I haven’t figured it out yet, as if I ever will. But I see that it may require me to be the opposite her statement, I may need to bungee jump, to not think about it. Sometimes it is the only way. I just need to remember it “could come to naught.”

Expert from: To Err is Genius!.


One thought on “To Err is Genius!

  1. Bungee jumping or not, it would involve making a plan and then sticking with it! Like many of us, all your best efforts could meet with resistance and obstacles, but persistence is always the key. I went through some major changes in life too, that I felt at the moment, cost me a lot of wasted time. In the end, almost every experience teaches us and enlightens us. I did my Bachelors in English literature and then did a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. For years I thought I wasted my first Bachelor’s degree, until recently when I started my blog and realized it was my passion all along. I hope you will forgive me for the unsolicited opinions. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Cheers and continue dancing!

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