In The Moment.

I have a friend. She is always busy, she works full-time, plays multiple instruments, has a social life to be envied and still has time to look for and regularly apply for her dream job. I don’t know how she does it and when I’m with her she usually pulls me along in such a way that I forget to ask until I’m home alone and worried about whether that job is going to call me back, oh yeah she also started sending me job posting to help me look…

Part of my problem is that I subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix, so I spend an average of an hour or two a day watching stuff I frequently see a waste of time, but I can’t cut it out. The times I have my life gets so stressful I end up in a deep depression and can’t move from my bed except to take my dog outside, not for a walk, just outside because around the block is too hard. Another friend mentioned to me that he used to escape his stress in a similar way but he learned to manage it. I’ve research and experimented with the concept but never read or heard of something that really works.

How does one stay in the moment? How does one find the kind of motivation to do all those really great things? How does one learn to manage their stress vs escaping it? I would love to learn to play piano, I have keyboard and could learn but I get stuck on a series on Hulu and feel I can’t escape it because trying will lead to a deep depression and the giving up of everything.


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