Tired of not having a Vehicle

Well actually that is not true, I’m tired of that being an excuse for people not to hire me… I just got off the phone with a potential employer because I was not able to get past a ¬†point on an application that required insurance information. The biggest part of the question is that I don’t want to own a car. I mean I want to be able to get around better, a scooter would typically do that, however this morning there was ice on the ground and using a bike of any type would have been difficult and dangerous but the lifestyle I desire for myself doesn’t have room for a car. I’ve gotten around fairly well for over a year with out one, though I might have lost one “friend” because of it.

I might have to give in to it and buy something though, but how am I to do that when nobody will hire me. I tell them I have reliable transportation, because my bike has done very well for me, but when it comes to needing a car I’m screwed.


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