Why I don’t believe in new years resolutions but still make life changing moves in January.

The new year is a good time to make changes in the way a person lives their life. I mean like the spring I think the new year signifies birth and beginning a new, but I’m always working on myself trying to make me a better person. One that more closely resembles the image I have created in my head. All year long I work to realize myself. I don’t want to pick one day every year to evaluate and to make changes to my personal goals. It does happen that goals are evaluated on days. Days like my birthday, independence day, labor-day or thanksgiving (and yes those are in order) but all of those are relatively arbitrary days chosen by our society to signify things important to us for other reasons and holding one of those days above the rest is setting yourself up for failure and I often want to tell people and sometimes do.

The thing is that I stop at least once a week and look at who I am and what I have done to either move forward or what I have done that moved me backwards. I don’t dwell but being aware of subtle changes makes moving in the right direction easier and gives me more confidence because I know week to week where I’ve been successful.


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