How to make a Magazine Holder

How to make a Cloth box Magazine Holder

Cloth box Magazine Holder for the bathroom.

I like to keep a magazine or two in the bathroom. But laying on the floor they are so far away from me, not to mention how gross they can get, Magazine holders are hard to find in thrift stores and expensive even if you do find one. Here is one I built for almost nothing.

Knife I used for making a Cloth Box Magazine Holder

Knife I used to poke the ribbon through.

Ribbon used for making a Magazine Holder

Ribbon used for making a Magazine Holder

I bought a set of three cloth boxes at the local dollar store for $6.50 used a piece of cardboard and an old dish towel that I had lying around. I also used about 18 inches of ribbon, several sticks of hot glue and two knives one for cutting and one for poking holes.

Get a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut it to fit inside the box leaving a flap at the bottom to be glued to the floor of the box. Cut two holes where you want the ribbon to be run through. Then neatly fold the towel around the cardboard and hot glue it in place. Glue the cardboard into the cloth box with the towel covering the flap of cardboard running along the base of the box and cut and poke holes in the box and cardboard and tie a piece of ribbon to hold upright. Here is the Finished Product:

How to make a Magazine Holder

Cloth Box with dish towel and ribbon used for making a Magazine Holder for my bathroom.


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