Clutter, The Devil is in the Details.

I turned Cheer Bear to face me. The three inch tall, while sitting, pink Care Bear faces me to cheer me on, to shoot rainbows into my day and make me a brighter person. She sits below my monitor beside my computer on the hand-me down bookshelf that has past from one sibling to another. It’s been redesigned recently to give me a typing shelf just below where the monitor and computer sit. I try to keep it clean but I’ve been doing my nails while watching Hulu. So there is acrylic powder, primer and white OPI nail lacquer and top coat sitting amongst the tapered Acrylic brush, a small hand full of cotton balls and four nail files covered by the ruler I picked up off the floor to measure Cheer Bear. 

The vacuum I traded my dead grandfathers 1911 limited edition .22 for is in the corner behind my makeshift desk. It is beside a my computer speakers a small pile of cables and a tube of glow sticks I’ve had for over a year. a cloth box with the rest of my nail care stuff sits on top of the vacuum. Boy I feel like I should clean instead of write but I won’t sit back down. 

To the right of my desk is my laser printer, buried by a pile of bras, which doubles as the a book-end. A few copies of Elle magazine, one of Cosmo another of Instyle droop  between it and the wall. I got three pairs of knee high boots with in an arms reach. I used to say that I was messy my bed room is always messy but I cleaned it the other day and now I’ve come to realize it’s just a little cluttered yeah that is a good word to describe my space, cluttered. Cheer bear is rubbing off. 🙂


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