Gun control (daily post Headline)

I just finished an episode of The Colbert Report. There was a lot of discussion on gun control. There has been, since December. Why? There were two mass shootings and the James Holmes’s trial began (suspect from the movie theater shooting). Colbert’s interview was with Piers Morgan who is a CNN news for getting rid of all the guns in the US. During the interview he said that there were less than 35 gun deaths in England every year and 13,000 in the US. The united states has 6 times the population which means that if the percentage of gun deaths were the same there would be either 1,500 in England or if we had the same percentage in the US as England has there would be 210 in the US. Those are big differences. Decreased from 13,000 to 210 gun deaths in the US every year that is less than 2.5 percent of what we have today. Initially the number might go up, and it will take time, say 15 years before the number bottoms out but even if it takes 20 years and there are still 1,000 every year even being someone who used to hunt and still owns four guns come take’m. Please, just give me a few dollars for them when I turn them in.



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