Working too much!

Well about a year ago I took a job caring for people with disabilities. It was fun it paid well and I’m sure it was the best job I’ve ever had. But a few months ago chasing the dollar I took a second job work in a nursing home. Due to the extra hours I was let go at the first employer. A few weeks later I choose to leave the second because it was not a place I would work for the long term and was the cause of being fired at the other place. I feel bad now because I have no income but I’ve been working really hard on my business The Puppy Fort working so much led to me not writing for months, I wanted to the entire time but my bed being right behind me when I’m on the computer makes it easy for me to crawl in when I’m tired, when working 70 hours a week I’m always tired. so I was lucky if I got through a half-hour of my favorite show. Let alone typing for an hour everyday. Well I think I’m back for good, hopefully at least for a few months. But cross your fingers for me getting a earning a job, that will leave me time to work on my other endeavours. 


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