Daily post (how do I define my identity)

An identity is the image we hold of ourselves. A person always has multiple and many of them are also in flux. They are sometimes not recognizable by others  and a challenge in life is getting others to see them. The ones not seen right away are are some of the more important ones. When somebody sees it when somebody acknowledges it, we get warm and fuzzy feelings. Some of the identities that make up who I am are:

  1. A woman who likes to have beautiful nails  -I don’t do this one very well.
  2. A woman who rides a lot of bicycle
  3. A woman into endurance sports
  4. A stylish and perhaps even elegant woman
  5. Someone who is open minded and understanding
  6. An artist, I aspire to be a writer
  7. Too many to list

I feel obligated to say that being transsexual is a part of my identity but I have never felt like one, I’ve always seen myself as just a woman. This is somewhat trouble some for me because 1. I don’t want to go back into the closet (going stealth) 2. I feel just as proud when somebody recognizes me as queer as when somebody addresses with female pronouns 3. It is who I am and I don’t know how to draw this distinction without Jeopardizing some of the list above.


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