Weekly Photo Challenge (Waiting for Transition in my Closet)

Blurry Closet

My Closet is Blurry

This weeks challenge is a picture that demonstrates waiting. I choose a blurry picture of my closet. That picture embodies waiting for me because in many ways I waited way too long for transition, I knew I was going to before I enlisted but I choose to wait because I was not yet ready to accept who I was, like wise when I left the service I was not ready. Unfortunately it took my fathers death for me to realize there is no such thing as being ready for transition, or let me rephrase that, the only correct time is right now. I feared my family would abandon. I feared my community would make me an outcast. I was wrong. I don’t know your situation, but I believe that every situation can be changed, if it really is your community move. If it is your wife or your family and they love you they will stand by you, though testing that may be hard. My dad and all his siblings died before the age of sixty. I was approaching my later twenties and realized I had already lived half of my families life expectancy. I could not wait any longer.

Another reason I choose the blurry picture of my closet was that I wish while I was waiting I had discovered what made a good wardrobe and had invested in that instead of most of the stuff that I had bought. You might say but.. but I don’t know what size I am, or what size I will be when I begin transition. I now say neither of those matter. First either order off the internet or drive to a town a few hours away. If you end up with something in the wrong size  most places will take it back, if they don’t that is okay too, it sucks you spent the money but save it. When you do start transition and it is a good quality piece of clothing, consignment shops will buy it for you sometimes they will only give you store credit but hey then you get to do more shopping. I’d love to go more into what makes a good wardrobe but, I am still discovering that. just Google around a little and you’ll find more information that I could possible give you. Maybe pick up a magazine in Wal-Mart next time 😉 its for your girlfriend, or sister.


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