Weekly Photo Challenge: My typical Breakfast!

My Breakfast Feast

I eat this or some similar variation of this every morning. I am not actually a foot ball fan It was just what I grabbed.

Here it is my daily breakfast. One egg with a small hand full of chopped vegetable and cheese, pancakes with sugar-free syrup, cereal with a table-spoon of ground flax-seed and vanilla almond milk, a fruit smoothie, tea, and a glass of water.

Yesterday I finally paid a visit to the Daily post I keep reading about it and thought hey maybe I should look at it. I think using it for posting everyday might be a little too much for me especially since I want to blog about my own stuff but their weekly photo challenge looks like a thing to add to my blog. It will add a variation that most won’t exist otherwise and it will hopefully cause me to stretch my creative mind. I’m not sure this one does it but…

This is breakfast, nearly every morning. As I said above I eat my egg with a vegetable, usually it is broccoli but I’ve used brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and even kale. Broccoli, what I used today are my favorite but brussels sprouts are pretty awesome too. Today I had blue berry pancakes, but I prefer the buttermilk. I just don’t want to get tired of them so I mix it up. I must have tea every morning, Earl grey is like captain Picard my favorite but I drink a lot of just plain black tea. My smoothies vary on what I have in the fridge, I try to vary it as much as possible, once a month I buy some strawberries or grapes, but typically they are a variation of apples, oranges, bananas or pears with apple juice or almond milk if I’m out of juice, I’ve also used water. This smoothie was one apple and one orange with about a half a cup of apple juice.  My cereal I try to vary also this week I’m enjoying Island Vanilla whole wheat biscuits from Kashi, which are really good. If a person watches for sales Kashi is about the same price as any other name brand cereal, but I’ve been a little more happy with what I’ve gotten, the one with Currents are my favorite. Due to being a sudo vegetarian or a pescetarian I add the Flax seed to help boost my healthy fat intake, there really isn’t a taste associated with it, I’ve tried it in my smoothies many times, it changed the texture in a good way but it made doing the dishes a lot more difficult so I just leave it in my cereal. This is a wonderful breakfast that really gets me ready for a long day. Since adding the Flax seed I’ve found that I can now skip a meal every once in a while without problems however I try really hard not to do that. Because of the size and nutritional content my meals throughout the day do not have to be much more than a snack. Try it this is a great meal.


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