Time Management

I suck at it.

Okay, maybe everybody does, or everybody feels that way. I haven’t posted now in quite a while because ‘Im busy.’ I want to do this and I will. It is bothersome that tonight I spent five and a half hours on the computer putting together a package to send to amazon in the hopes of making some money. I’m sure I’ll make something but it is going to cost me quite a bit to get it there and then I have to sit and wait. I was supposed to be writing. Every forty five minutes I had to remind myself.

I got a class, that requires a fair amount of work; I’m looking for a job; painting my kitchen, have been for two weeks; writing a book; trying to maintain this blog;  and there is a lot more, but every time I manage to check something off I end up adding several more to it.

A friend the other day told me she wishes she was that busy, my reply was ‘I don’t like it.’ I know that someday things are going to slow down and I’m going to wish for these days again but I don’t want to waste my todays, and part of not wasting today is doing what I truly want. What I want is writing not spending five hours gathering books from my house to put on amazon. com.

I guess it would be nice to have my rent paid, if everything sells.

Thanks for reading.


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