I finally registered for my first Tri

Last night. After my post I did it. November 8, I resisted for my triathlon on November 20, 2011. Training has been minimal. I’ve only been running and biking. Over the summer there was quite a bit of swimming there was a week of nearly a mile a day. Which sounds a little more impressive than it is.this lack of exercise is somewhat on purpose, because of a missed triathlon in mid July that was skipped simply because I had not touched water in nearly three years. Having all those people around with me in a female swim suit is quite terrifying to think about. but It won’t be that bad and future triathlon’s will have even more people entered so I’d better get used to it. 🙂

Today I went on a bike ride, it was 30-34 miles and was basically the route used for the local marathon something I hope to participate in next year, not as a volunteer. it was a pretty good ride due to the extremely low temperature and me being a layer of clothes short it was really cold. I’m sure the wind did not help, 22 miles per hour, with the comfortableness of the temperature.I did it in a reasonable time considering. around three hours, normally that would be quite upsetting but with the wind, which seemed to fallow me in such a way that always made riding hard, averaging about 10 miles per hour is awesome.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go for run. Two to three miles sounds like a good distance. I don’t think I’m going to wear my vibram’s because of the pain they cause. However I’m going to finish the run on my toes. Friday, Sunday and next Wednesday I will wear them taking off from working out until the triathlon. Sunday I hope to run three miles in them and do it in under twenty two minutes.

Thanks for reading, have a good night/day. 🙂


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