Whats it all about?

The other day I did something unusual. I decided to read some blogs and just did some clicking around. Typically the only blogs I read are ones I see links to on facebook. When on Youtube I read a hand full of blogs from people I really liked but it was still pretty limited.

Starting to blog myself I’ve been thinking I need to start reading others for a variety of reason such as learning what to do and what not to do, potentially getting exposure due to good quality comments and most importantly if I want people to read my blog isn’t it fair that I read theirs.

I noticed a few things. The blogs I liked had a point. yeah my purpose for starting this blog is training for a triathlon. Okay that is cool and I’ve been giving updates (the last week) on my planes for workouts and how they have been going. That is good but aside from Sunday none of my blogs have really touched anything. The last week they have been really boring just getting daily updates into my life. (I typed that while yawning.) How do I stay on topic. How do I write on a daily basis, something that is interesting and pertains to something people want to hear about.

My instinct is to start six more blogs and attempt to write on a different one every day of the week. That will never work for me. I do plan now to start one or two others but I haven’t found what they will be about yet. so for now this blog might continue to be a little disorganized, not really sticking on topic. And probably being pretty bad. Hopefully by the end of November a few themes will emerge and a branch out will be possible and help to remain on topic.

Yesterday I did not exercise because of some doctor appointments I had in another city, the first of which was kind of early. I’m glad I took the day off because today I was not able to run until late afternoon. The result of so much time off was my legs completely stopped hurting for the first time in weeks. This was a nice experience and one I hope to have again in the not so distant future. Tonight I wore my vibram’s again. It was less than a quarter of a mile, after stretching that my calves started to tighten up again. The feeling is very similar to a leg cramp except it doesn’t go away. My right calf has been so tight since I stopped running that I can’t bend my ankle while walking. I managed to keep running, when  it tightened up and I think even ran harder due to wanting it to end. The distance was three laps around the big block I think that is about 1,8 miles and the time was between 12 and fifteen minutes which is approaching an outstanding run time. If I can manage to keep running and increase my distance, by the time I have my triathlon on the 20th I’ll get over three miles in the 20 minutes. That would be awesome.

Tomorrow I am planning on a morning bike ride to a neighboring town, 17 miles one way. Google says that distance should take an hour and a half but I hope to do it with a total time of just over two hours, one third faster than Google suggests. I hope I make it and it is time for a bath. Good night and thanks for reading.


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