So yesterday after posting I almost talked myself out of running. However I know that when something like that happens I can’t live with myself. I changed into some running clothes, put the collar and adjustable leash on my puppy and ran out the door. The route I planned was expected to be in the two and a half mile range but I don’t think it was two. It was still a good run and the distance didn’t matter. It was all about putting my feet on the pavement and I’m glad I did. It ended up being a good day.

Last week I was painting the whole weekend and I told myself that if I didn’t go out at all last week, Halloween, that I have to every night this weekend. I tried really hard last night to not go. My compromise with myself was to just go out to make an appearance, again it had little to do with seeing friends or having a great time it was for the sake of doing it. I did it and I’m glad I did.

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, nearly eight. When I finally did I fed my puppy, took her outside and then I took off. A longer run today. At least three miles. I didn’t wear my Vibram’s because my calves were still killing me but it didn’t save me. My plan was to run the first mile and the last half mile on the balls of my feet as if I were wearing them. The first mile no problem. I then ran until I got to the top of hill not far from my place raised up off my heel took two steps and almost fell over. My calf said, “HELL NO GIRL! Wha, what you trying to do to me.” It still feels that way. I went for groceries and limped the whole time because no matter how hard I try I can’t walk straight. It seems weird but I’m trying to decide if I should run again in the morning. I feel so good mentally when I do I don’t care that my leg hurts a little. Woo is me.

I’m at school trying to work on a video project that was due a few weeks ago but of course I’m having computer problems again. The software is very picky. Last week I didn’t have the right cable, and as it turns out my hard drive was not properly formated also, new cable and an hour and ten minutes today of waiting and wallah I’ll able to begin working shortly. I can’t wait.

Well I’m off. Thanks for reading and sorry for the abrupt ending.



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