It’s November 2, 2011

The second day of national write a book month. I don’t want this to turn into the same thing as so many others in my life. Like me starting this blog I didn’t stay with it, after a short period of time I just forgot about it and here it has sat without a post in nearly two months.

Catch up: So my original triathlon was canceled. It set me back quite a ways. Depression set in and it took me a long time to recover from it. I began to realize what was happening and have participated in two 5k’s since then but of course I’m again at the point where I haven’t run in nearly two weeks but as soon as I’m done here I’m going for a short one. today I have chosen short but fast as my run. I’m doing good on the bike but have decided to participate in my first triathlon having not been in the pool in nearly three months. I know I’ll finish.

I now have a set of Five Fingers by Vibram’s, this is what mine look like. Thank you Chase Freedom. 🙂 they are incredibly hard to run in. One of the reasons I’ve not been running in so long is because I ran a five K with them one week after getting them and My calves hurt so bad I could barely walk for two days. Hopefully I don’t have to reset that now that I’ve taken a little time off.

I’m doing really well as far as riding bike goes because my car is at the mechanic (three weeks) and I don’t have much of a choice but to ride everywhere I go. I mostly don’t mind though because my goal is actually to ride in town for everything. I’m not doing my paper route anymore (Halloween was my last day) but yesterday I went on a pretty good ride. was around an hour and fifteen minutes and I think a little over fifteen miles, doesn’t sound impressive but I mostly stayed on the middle ring in front and I can’t get into the top four gears in the back because my chain slips when ever I try. I was in a pretty low gear and moving really good. If I could maintain that speed of peddling in a higher gear I would be moving near 25 miles an hour and with a better ratio I’d be doing well over thirty but it takes a lot more to maintain that speed of peddling in the higher gears. The wind resistance is hard to over come in the twenty-mile an hour range near thirty it is going to be killer. I can’t wait to get there.

I hope I come back tomorrow to tell you all how my run went this morning.

TTYL thanks for reading


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